Technology Reviews & Discounts

Being in the IT industry for over twenty-five years we are often asked to review hardware, software, and services and give our recommendations. We also receive discounts and promotions so we review these items and if we find they are beneficial we offer these to our clients.
You will find several links to these items in the New Products sub-menu of Technology Reviews and Discounts. We have verified that these links are completely safe and do not include any viruses or other forms of malware that can harm your computer.
These items are available to anyone that has access to our site! All transactions including payments and shipping will be handled directly by the distributor. Enjoy buying quality products at the best prices!

Used or Overstock items (free delivery)

We often have used items that are acquired when our clients are replacing their technology. We also offer any new overstocked items to our clients. Either used or new overstocked item, you will see a picture, brief description, and price of every item available that is clearly marked “Used” or “New Overstock”. You will find these items under the Used or Overstock sub-menu of Technology Discounts.
These items are available to anyone in Chesapeake, Hampton, Isle of Wight, Newport News, Norfolk, Poquoson, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, or York County.
Items must be paid for on delivery with a credit card or exact cash. We personally deliver these items for free! If you would like us to setup any item that you purchase, we charge a $59 per hour setup fee.
If you want to purchase any of these items call us 24/7 to setup delivery (757-335-7341)

Why are our clients pleased with our Technology Discounts?

The most common compliment we receive from our clients that purchase technology discounts from us is that we understand the product that we are selling! They trust our 25 years of experience!

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